December 31, 2009

The Geffrye Museum

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Geffrye Museum

Located in Shoreditch the Geffrye Museum is one of London’s lesser known gems. I spoke to Curator Alex Goddard about the museum’s annual Christmas exhibition and where all of our festive traditions came from.



  1. Christine Bush (nee Fisher) said,

    Throughout my summer holidays as a child (say from 9-10. I was allowed to go to the Geffreye Museum during the Summer Holidays.

    I had the most fantastic time. Dressing Up, doing crosswords, Playing with Clay and making animals, hats and basket-weaving.

    The day I dressed as an Elizabeth Woman, I thought it was wonderful and it has given me a love of the 16th Century throughout my adult years. I have read many book on Elizabeth 1 – what a woman!!

    Thanks to all who helped my summer holidays become a fascinating, happy and joyful time – with lots to do.

    Chris Bush

  2. Christine Bush (nee Fisher) said,

    Thanks a lot.

    Chris Bush

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