January 26, 2010

Disney’s The Princess and the Frog: Anika Noni-Rose

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Princess and the Frog

The latest Disney animated picture ‘The Princess and the Frog’ is out 5th February, and as everyone eagerly anticipates the return to 2d hand drawn animation, I got a sneak preview. In press conference with the directors John Musker and Ron Clements, producer Peter Del Vecho and animator Andreas Deja we found out about how this long time coming film was brought to life. We also heard from star of the show Anika Noni-Rose who plays Princess Tiana – listen to her thoughts here.

National Television Awards

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The day after the National Television Awards (and certainly not jealous because I didn’t go) I spoke to The Sun’s TV Biz deputy editor Leigh Holmwood to find out all the gossip. Who won what, who wore what, who fell over – and what about that Jedward Performance?

Blue Monday: Aaron Ross, Firstcare

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Monday 18th January. The most depressing day of the year apparently. The experts call it ‘Blue Monday’, the rest of us seem to use it as an excuse to throw a sickie. I spoke to Aaron Ross from Firstcare to find out more about the annual event and how absenteeism from work seems to be getting better.


January 17, 2010

Shelter: Getting in Debt to get out of Debt

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A survey by housing and homeless charity Shelter found that a whopping one in twelve of us has used our credit card to pay off our big debts this week – worrying stuff! I spoke to Campaigns Manager Karen Stalbow about the dangers of getting ourselves out of debt in this way and how we should be managing our money.


Beanz Meanz a Heinz Cafe

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For four days the bean experts took over a cafe in London’s Shoreditch, with one thing on the menu: beans on toast (bad news for those who don’t like beans) and all proceeds went to charity Help A London Child. I spoke to Heinz Spokesman Nigel Dickey about the idea and a possible spaghetti hoop alternative for the future.

Snow Excuse to Fall Over

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Yeah I went there. I’ve been slipping and sliding around for a few weeks on the icy pavements, yes I even fell over – bad times. I spoke to chiropractor Mark Gurden to find out how to keep my back safe and my feet firmly on the ground in the bad weather.

Cosmopolitan Features Editor Fiona Cowood; Inventions for the next Decade

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The last 10 years have no doubt given us a vast array of inventions, some good, some…not so good. I spoke to Cosmo Features Editor Fiona Cowood about some of the things we can expect to see in the next decade. E-wallpaper, interactive contact lenses and food with no calories – sounds pretty good to me!

January 11, 2010

Lighter Life: Secret Snackers

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So apparently 36% of us girls who claim to be on a New Year diet are secretly scoffing. Favourite places to stash our nosh are in our car, in our handbags and even eating in the dark is a common place to cheat. I spoke to Sara Jamison from Lighter Life to find out more about our secret snacking and how to lose weight sensibly.


Sense about Science

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What have those silly celebrities been saying!? Sense about Science is an independent charitable organisation who are asking celebrities to give them a call before they make any more “scientific” comments in 2010. I spoke to Julia Wilson to find about more about why fizzy drinks do not in fact give you wrinkles (Shilpa Shetty, shame on you!) and how meat does not actually sit in your stomach for 40 years (Heather Mills – you should know better!)