February 26, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

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Alice in Wonderland premiered in London’s Leicester Square last night and all and sundry turned out to see the much anticipated 3d flick that has inspired so much excitement, speculation and controversy. In conference we found out everything from the actor’s inspiration to what Tim Burton’s favourite DVD is.

In conference: Tim Burton (Director), Johnny Depp (Mad Hatter), Mia Wasikowska (Alice), Helena Bonham Carter (The Red Queen), Anne Hathaway (The White Queen), Crispin Glove (The Knave of Hearts), Danny Elfman (Composer), Richard D. Zanuck (Producer) and Joe Roth (Producer).

Fair Trade Fortnight

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It’s here! Fair Trade Fortnight runs from the 22nd February – 7th March and is aimed to raise awareness of the importance of Fair Trade. I spoke to Hannah Reed from the Fair Trade Foundation who is the Co-Ordinator of the event about the ever expanding range of products available (4,000?! I thought it was just coffee and bananas!) and about this year’s theme: The Big Swap. More information about the event to follow and we’ll find out from Hannah next week if she reached her target of getting over 1million swaps registered online.

Michael Wooldridge

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With a career spanning over 30 years organist Michael Wooldridge can boast rather a colourful history in performance, from Butlins to the BBC, at home and abroad. I spoke to him about his upcoming performance in Hornchurch and how exactly a 15 year old boy starts playing the organ.

DIY Couture

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Rosie Martin makes clothes, right out of her head, no patterns, no copies, just her ideas – and some form of sewing machine I presume. Now she’s founded DIY Couture, a website which offers books which give a complete how to guide to make…well pretty much anything. Rosie’s set herself the rather tall order of releasing one book a month to give people the know-how to create their clothing from scratch in a simple, easy to follow – and very nice looking – guide.

Living On £1 A Day

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Even as an ex-university student I find the idea of living on £1 a day very scary. But this is precisely what Bristol teacher Kath Kelly did for an entire year. Worried about finances and not being able to afford a nice present for her brother’s wedding Kath set herself the challenge and went six months before anyone noticed. I spoke to her about the easy changes, the difficult changes and the best bits about making friends with your local greengrocer.

February 23, 2010

National Marriage Week

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The 8th-14th February was National Marriage Week – suspiciously close to Valentine’s Day if you ask me – it’s a week to celebrate marriage in all it’s glory. Apparently two thirds still last a lifetime, which is pretty impressive. I spoke to the Co-Ordinator of the event, Dave Percival, to find out more and ask what makes him the leading authority on marriage.

February 7, 2010

Plain English Campaign

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Plain English Campaign

As a popular supermarket was blasted for a mix-up with some wrongly labelled sausage rolls – ambient sausage roll anyone? Honestly, what does that even mean! I spoke to Marie Clair from the Plain English Campaign, an organisation against the use of jargon and gobbledegook to find out more.

National Storytelling Week

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Society for Storytelling

This week was National Storytelling Week – an annual event which aims raise awareness of this archaic form of entertainment which aims to capture the imaginations of both adults and children alike. With events going on around the country in libraries, schools, museums and the like, I spoke to Del Reid, Co-Ordinator of National Storytelling Week, and Nell Phoenix who is Storyteller in East London.

Del Reid, Co-Ordinator of National Storytelling Week

Nell Phoenix, East London Storyteller

February 2, 2010

Walk London

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Walk London is an organisation funded by Transport for London that works with local authorities to develop hundreds of miles of walking routes right on your doorstep. I spoke to Project Leader Alexandra Rook to find out more about the scenic walks that London and its surrounds has to offer.


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The recent spate of bad weather has led to our roads being riddled with potholes; I spoke to founder of potholes.co.uk Duncan McClure-Fisher about what causes the blasted things, why motorists spend £1million on them every day and what we can do about them.