July 25, 2010

JimBob: Storage Stories at Latitude

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I caught up with a rather tired Jim Bob (it was day three by now, look at the hair – you can tell, mine not his) to talk about his forray into literature. His first novel ‘Storage Stories’ is out now and apparently could be the first of many, that’s if he doesn’t decide to star in Broadway musical ‘Chicago’ instead…

Frank Turner at Latitude

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We caught up with Frank Turner at Latitude Festival.. and interrupted his meal, which looked far better than my meal. I spoke to the singer about catering, why camping is so horrible and his first Latitude experience.

White Belt Yellow Tag at Latitude

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“Hi, I’m Justin the guitarist…I don’t know where the rest of my band are”

Possibly the best introduction EVER. So, I caught up with Justin the guitarist from White Belt Yellow Tag to talk about a rather hectic year and why music isn’t the be all and end all – in a yurt. It was grotty.

Lissie at Latitude

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We caught up with the lovely Lissie just before she took to the stage (which, incidentally, it turned out had not fallen down!) in the woods at this year’s Latitude Festival. We spoke to the ‘In Sleep’ singer about being lazy and premature arthritus.

July 16, 2010

Take the Shackles off my Feet so I can Dance

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When I heard that Mary Mary were at Hard Rock Calling I had to do a double take. I thought these soulful sista’s (yeah, I wrote that) were a fabulous one hit wonder duo of yesteryear we’d never hear from again. Au contraire. They’ve merely been conquering their home territory but now these busy girls are back with a new record, a book, a clothing line and, of course, a vengence. I love them.

July 15, 2010

Florence Rawlings at Hard Rock Calling

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I caught up with young talent Florence Rawlings straight from the stage at her Hard Rock Calling debut. Big crowds are water off a ducks back to this performer though having a tour with Tom Jones as just one of the accollades already under her belt. Watch this space

July 14, 2010

Sound of Guns at the Brick Lane Takeover

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Not intended to be an outright advert for ‘Becks’ this picture simply hints at the carnage that was the Sound of Guns’ tourbus. That’s all fine, I’m not one to judge – but this was day one of the tour. In the back of a bus in a somewhat dodgy car park, me and my bodyguard caught up with the band fresh from their set at 93 Feet East at the Brick Lane Takeover in aid of Macmillan Cancer Care.

July 13, 2010

Kill It Kid at the Brick Lane Takeover

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A few schoolboys, a brave young girl and a violin make up this young band who seem to be destined for great things. I caught up with the group before their set at the Brick Lane Takeover in aid of Macmillan Cancer Care; a great event for a brilliant cause with a super line up to boot

July 12, 2010

Rubylux: psychic neighbours and funny accents

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Having built up something of a cult following from years of impromptu street gigs, Rubylux are ready to hit the big time .. that’s after a tour of street gigs, which I’m told is naughty but not illegal by the way. I caught up with the Brighton boys who got their name from a supposedly psychic neighbour ahead of their gig at the Monto Water Rats.

Losing it with Judith Owen

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Speaking to the lovely Judith Owen in the midst of her tour of the two woman show she wrote with co-star Ruby Wax, ‘Losing It’ is a wonderfully funny and touching insight into the struggle both women have been through with mental illness. It was great to talk to Judith, great to see the show, and great to chat backstage… best bit though? Seeing Ruby Wax’s head poking out the top of a massive duvet, her only means of keeping warm in the rather old theatre… and she said she liked my boots!

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